Gary Bacal
Joan Kaye Cauthorn
Swain Chapman
John Hornburg
Buzz Isaacson
Tony Lehrman
Jan Wezelman
Laurie Wigtil


Anyone interested in learning more about serving on our board of directors, is asked to please contact Marcia Berger at (520) 622-4100, ext. 203. 


President: Isaac Rothschild

Vice-President: Marilou Lopez

Treasurer: Jessica Johnson

Secretary: Jennifer Martin



Michelle Buscemi

Bianka Flannagan

Svetlana Pitman

Emily Malin



A Letter from the President of the Board of Directors: Marilou lopez

The concept for Arts for All began 30 years ago in the living room of Marcia Berger, who was a physical therapist for children with many different abilities.  Marcia realized these children had various talents and could grow and become more confident if they had the ability to perform before an audience, thus the Third Street Kids performance group began.  As time went on, Marcia’s dream of having a facility offering art, music, drama, dance, visual arts and ceramics for both children and adults became a reality and Art for All was opened.  Today Arts for All offers these classes and many other programs for adults with disabilities and children with and without disabilities.  The highlight of the summer is the Summer Camp Program which culminates in our performance at Pima Community College.  The opportunities for adults and children to discover their variety of talents could never had happened without the dedication and care of the staff and insightful direction of Marcia.  This facility is truly one of a kind in the Tucson community.

All of these wonderful programs were able to become a reality with countless hours of grant writing and private donations.  Many non-profits have been created in the past few years and Tucson has seen a tremendous growth and competition for these funds which has become very competitive.  Federal and State grants have dwindled in the past year which creates a huge challenge for the Arts for All budget. Private donations are critical to this program.  I ask you to please consider becoming a monthly donor or participate in the State Tax Credit for the Working Poor.  Every penny counts in the lives of the Arts for All participants.  Please visit how to invest on the website for assistance in becoming a donor.

I invite you to come for a tour of the facility and see the paintings, dances, musical program, and visual arts and even cooking classes.  Come meet our participants and staff.  Once you see the impact of this program, you will indeed be amazed how these folks are able to achieve an enriched life thanks to Arts for All.  You may want to purchase some note cards for you or a friend at the front desk.

If you are interested and would like to serve as a Board Member, please feel free to contact either Marcia Berger, our Executive Director or myself.  Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time and interest to learn about Arts for All and the impact we have in the Tucson community.




Marilou Lopez