Dear Potential Donor,  

For the past 28 years, Arts for All stayed true to its mission to provide education and training in the arts for children, primarily those with special needs. Our practice has been to help each family in need by providing scholarships for children to improve their lives.

Arts for All continues to be a positive influence in the community. Last year, out of the 267 individuals served, 57% had a disability and 84% were from low income homes. Our participants’ art work was exhibited at Epic Café, main library downtown, Better Business Bureau and a life care facility. Over 50 children performed at the 17th annual Summer Arts Camp Talent Show/Gallery Extravaganza at Pima Community College Center for the Arts in July. Also, we continued preschool, out-of-school time, Summer/Winter Arts Camps and the adult day program for persons with disabilities. The support services that make our program accessible include transportation, attendant and respite care.

During this time of Thanksgiving, we continue to be grateful to Angel Charity for Children, Inc., for the funds they contributed which allowed us to renovate our arts center and pay off our mortgage in 2004. Their generosity permits us to share art experiences with our participants daily. We are able to keep up with building maintenance and improving our facility through donations. Funding needs include putting a sink in the preschool, increased lighting around the arts center (installation only as we have the large fixtures), upgrade computers and server, upgrade kitchen to allow us to serve food, replace bathroom sinks that are showing water damage, install new hot water heater and purchase art, dance and drama supplies. We hope these projects will be able to be completed this year with your generosity and financial support.

Your contribution means more than ever because Arts for All has experienced significant reduction in grants and contracts this past year. Despite this decreased revenue, our staff and AmeriCorps members continuously strive to provide high quality services and accessible programming for all who come through our doors.

Please consider making a tax credit donation to Arts for All. We are registered with Arizona Department of Revenue as a charitable organization. We need your financial assistance to help meet our needs and keep the children and adults at Arts for All in the best, safest, and most creative environment possible. Thank you for thinking of us.


Marcia Berger                                            Frank Youdelman
Founder/Executive Director                         President of the Board of Directors

Please consider making a tax credit donation to Arts for All. We are registered with Arizona Department of Revenue as a charitable organization who serves those living in poverty. Over 80% of our participants are from low income families.

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